Letter to Larry Hubich

February 14, 2012

GOVERNMENT REMAINS COMMITTED TO ESSENTIAL SERVICES, SEEKS LABOUR INPUT ON LEGISLATION Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan, today wrote to Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) President Larry Hubich to invite the input of the SFL into changes to the government's essential services legislation in light of last week's court decision. "We remain committed to ensuring the health and safety of all Saskatchewan people in the event of a public sector work disruption," Morgan said. "We appreciate that consultation with organized labour is key to helping us achieve this goal, not only to address constitutional obligations, but to help us to develop proper and effective systems for ensuring the continued delivery to the public of essential services during labour disputes." Morgan's letter invites the SFL to provide its written views on amendments to The Public Service Essential Services Act to make the legislation Charter compliant and provide appropriate protection for public health and safety during labour disruptions. Morgan also requested a meeting with Hubich, once the written submission is provided. Last week, the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench found the Act to be unconstitutional, but delayed the effect of the ruling for 12 months to permit the government an opportunity to consider changes to the legislation. "This represents an opportunity for government and organized labour to work together," Morgan said. "I believe we can find a way to balance the need for a workable legislative solution which ensures the provision of essential services to the public and which complies with our constitutional obligations."