Sask NDP would dismantle province's resource sector

June 26, 2012

NDP leadership hopeful agrees resource sector is a "disease"

At their convention last weekend, not only did the NDP refuse to stand up for western Canada's resource sector, they renewed their support of a controversial resource royalty review proposal that was a key plank of their flawed 2011 election platform.

"They had a chance to tell federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair that he was wrong to call Saskatchewan's resource sector a disease that threatened Canada's economy. Not only did interim leader John Nilson give Mulcair a free ride, the only declared leadership candidate for the Saskatchewan NDP said he supported Mulcair's position," Saskatchewan Party MLA Nancy Heppner said. "Their continued refusal to stand up for Saskatchewan people is unacceptable and further proof that the people of this province made the right decision on November 7, 2011."

In an interview with the Leader Post, NDP economist and leadership hopeful Erin Weir said that federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair had "identified a serious economic problem, which is that the resource boom is driving up the exchange rate to the detriment of manufacturing..."

At their weekend convention, the Saskatchewan NDP also passed a resolution calling for review of royalties in the potash industry, despite the overwhelming rejection of such a review in its previous incarnation as a key plank in their failed 2011 campaign platform. Saskatchewan Federation of Labour president Larry Hubich spoke in favour of the resolution, then went a step further when he said, "Potash is only the first step - let's do this and then let's do the next one and the next one and the next one..."

"It seems that Larry Hubich wouldn't be content with just driving potash producers out of the province - he sounds eerily reminiscent of former NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter's idea of re-nationalizing several of our key industries and dragging Saskatchewan back to the 1970s," Heppner said. "The NDP and their allies in organized labour obviously didn't get the memo Saskatchewan people sent to them last November. They remain arrogant and entitled and determined to take a course of action which will drag our province into a past of economic decline. "