Legislative Building time capsule on display

June 26, 2012

The new time capsule created as part of the celebration of the Legislative Building's 100th anniversary was put on display in the building's entrance today.

The time capsule was made by Pro Metal Industries Ltd. Its shape is similar to the original time capsule, placed in the building's cornerstone in 1909, but it has been modified to be longer and narrower so it can be fit back into the cornerstone through the existing opening. It also has a dome-shaped top, mirroring the shape of the dome of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, and has the names of all current MLAs inscribed on the sides. It's been constructed out of stainless steel because of the material's longevity and ability to keep the capsule water tight.

"The design of the capsule, with a narrowed top, uses the cornerstone space available more efficiently and safely," Minister responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Kevin Doherty said. "It also limits the amount of further masonry work required. The dome at the top allows for more space than the previous capsule, giving the opportunity to incorporate as many items as possible."

The supplier and design were chosen by an advisory committee that was formed in March 2012. The committee will also make decisions about what should go into the time capsule, based on suggestions made by Saskatchewan citizens.

"Premier Walter Scott declared that the Legislative Building would forever represent the character and ambitions of the people of Saskatchewan, from its first citizens to all the generations to follow," Doherty said. "We want everyone's ideas about what important things define us as a province, and what should be left for the Saskatchewan citizens of a future generation to know what Saskatchewan was like in 2012."

The Commission is accepting suggestions for time capsule contents until September 15. The new time capsule will go into the cavity in the cornerstone where the old one was located as part of the celebration on October 11 to commemorate the opening of the Legislative Building in October 1912.

This program is one of several being implemented throughout 2012 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. To find out how to submit your suggestions for the time capsule or for more information about the celebration please call 306-787-9261 or visit www.opcc.gov.sk.ca/leg100.