Saskatchewan NDP back Mulcair’s attack on resources

May 15, 2012

Saskatchewan NDP strategist Erin Weir has revealed his party supports federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s assessment that the way to create manufacturing jobs in eastern Canada is to kill resource jobs in the west.

In a column in the May 11 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Weir called Mulcair’s now infamous “Dutch disease” comments “a balanced approach” and said: “The solution is to increase royalty rates.” Weir was responsible for costing out the NDP’s disastrous 2011 election platform, as noted in Murray Mandryk’s October 21, 2011 Star-Phoenix column “NDP platform begins to resemble a wholesale shopping spree.”

“The NDP platform that Mr. Weir endorsed prescribed the same bad medicine – a massive increase in royalty rates that would have killed thousands of jobs in Saskatchewan,” said Energy and Resources Minister Bill Boyd. “Now, instead of standing up to Mulcair’s attack on our resource sector, the NDP is now defending Mulcair and agreeing with his assessment the way to help job creation in the east is to kill jobs in the west.”

“So has the NDP learned anything? No,” said Boyd. “Fortunately, Saskatchewan voters remember how the NDP’s destructive economic prescriptions have “cured” our economy in the past, and they are not going to let it happen again.”