Women Entrepreneurs Week Proclaimed

May 7, 2012

The Government of Saskatchewan today proclaimed May 7-13 to be Women Entrepreneurs Week, to celebrate the contribution of women to Saskatchewan's vibrant economic growth.

"Women entrepreneurs are found in every sector of our economy and they have been instrumental in our economic growth through the various businesses that they operate," Enterprise Minister Jeremy Harrison said. "This is a great time to be in business in Saskatchewan. We are committed to ensuring that women entrepreneurs continue to grow and expand their businesses, create jobs and take advantage of the business opportunities available in our province."

Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan will be holding several events during this week to highlight successful women in business and the resulting economic growth, along with the various support programs that are available to women entrepreneurs in the province.

"Women entrepreneurs come from a multitude of business categories and are rich and diverse ‘role models' for all cultures and genders," Social Services Minister and Minister responsible for the Status of Women June Draude said. "Women make up over half of the population and it is vital for the Saskatchewan economy to have women starting, growing and leading businesses. Women Entrepreneurs Week is an opportunity to celebrate the successes and to encourage more women to be passionate about making Saskatchewan the best place to live, start a business, work and build a life."

"Saskatchewan continues to make significant strides in fostering an environment that facilitates the success of female entrepreneurs right here at home," Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris said. "Importantly, we see female enrolment at our universities rising, including at their schools of business, ensuring economic strength as our province continues to move forward."

In 2011, there were 31,700 self-employed women in Saskatchewan, and 8,000 of these businesses employed at least one person. Of the 3,700 self-employed people registered in the last five years, 2,100 of them were women.

Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan is a business service organization that provides women with loans, business assistance, path-finding services, business training and business advisory services among other programs.