Strengthening Immigrant Nominee Program

May 2, 2012

Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris has introduced key changes to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

These changes are being made to streamline processing while enhancing the integrity of the immigration program in Saskatchewan and to address the labour market needs of the province.

The program improvements include:

The launch of additional consultations on foreign worker protection legislation to ensure that foreign nationals living in Saskatchewan during their recruitment, immigration and settlement process are protected. The proposed legislation will also benefit Saskatchewan employers by requiring immigration consultants and recruiters to be in good standing in Saskatchewan. The ministry will develop a registry of approved consultants and recruiters that employers can easily access.Prioritizing the review and nomination of skilled worker applications to better address the growing needs of Saskatchewan's economy. This will, in part, help address skilled labour shortages that are affecting growth in Saskatchewan businesses. Family category nominees will now require a job offer to more effectively connect high skilled applicants to high skill positions in Saskatchewan. In addition, supporting Saskatchewan family members will be limited to supporting one application per household until the principal applicant and their family members have successfully settled in Saskatchewan, creating greater fairness in our immigration programs.Students graduating from post-secondary institutions outside Saskatchewan will now require one year of full-time permanent employment experience in the province before accessing the program. This will ensure that out of province graduates attach to the labour market and are more likely to settle permanently.Applicants to the Entrepreneur category will now be required to have net worth and providence of funds verified by an independent third party prior to submitting an application. This change is being made to increase the quality of applications received by the program.

"The changes announced today will create an increasingly fair immigration program that will foster greater growth in the province," Norris said. "Importantly, the ministry is strengthening the integrity of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program."

The consultation process on foreign worker protection legislation will be underway until May 23. Those wishing to participate in the foreign worker protection legislation consultation process can submit their feedback online at

Since 2010, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has been capped at 4,000 nominees per year. In addition to these program changes, Norris reiterates Saskatchewan's request to the federal government to increase to Saskatchewan's allocation under the provincial nominee program to 6,000 nominees per year.

More information on the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is available at