NDP Still Defend Fake Ad

August 4, 2011

"No amount of bluster can change the fact that the ad misrepresents the words of the Premier."

- Star-Phoenix editorial, July 21, 2011

"It is both dishonest and unethical. It is an attempt to mislead the audience no doubt."

- Nick Russell, Author of Morals and the Media, CJME Radio, July 22, 2011

"In no way did the question have anything to do with the rising cost of living for average Saskatchewan families. For the NDP to suggest otherwise is blatantly dishonest."

- Murray Mandryk column, Carlyle Observer, July 29, 2011

"There was no dishonesty in the ad." - Email from Judy Junor's office, August 2, 2011

They Just Don't Get It: Lingenfelter NDP Continues to Defend Fake Clip in Ad

The NDP is continuing to try to justify its use of a fake, spliced-together clip of Premier Brad Wall in a recent radio ad.

Despite being roundly criticized in the news media and public for the decision to use a fake clip in the ad, the NDP is defending the phony quote in an email to a Saskatchewan resident who wrote to NDP MLA Judy Junor about the ad. In the email, Junor's office actually defends splicing together two unrelated clips to concoct a fake quote from Premier Wall.

The email says: "As you are no doubt aware, quotes are frequently taken from various statements within the context of a speech, a piece of writing, etc. that all relates to the context. Hence, the printed '...' to indicate a connect between the thoughts, statements and so on. The printed copy of the ad contained such markings and was made publicly available.

"There was no dishonesty in the ad."

Saskatchewan Party MLA Bill Boyd called the NDP's explanation ridiculous.

"You can't take two sentences Premier Wall said 11 minutes apart in response to two completely different questions, splice them together in reverse order and then say it's okay because you somehow connected them in writing with three dots," Boyd said. "That's one of the most asinine explanations I've ever heard."

Boyd said the NDP continuing to defend the phony quote shows just how arrogant and out of touch they have become.

"Many people are saying this is one of the most blatantly dishonest ads they have ever seen and the NDP says it's okay," Boyd said. "It's dishonest, it's misleading, it's arrogant and it really shows the desperation of Dwain Lingenfelter and the NDP.

"This shows the NDP will say anything to get elected – even if they know it's not true.

How can Saskatchewan people believe anything they say from now on?"